Avel Flight School’s Placement Program

Very often our prospective students ask if a job is guaranteed at the end of successfully qualifying at our school. As a flight school, we understand your anxiety as a prospective student and your eagerness in learning about placement opportunity on course completion with us.

It is for this reason, it is important for you to understand what it takes to get a job in the aviation industry and how choosing our school is helpful in achieving your dream career.

“Job placement” is the term used to describe the process by which educational institutions help their students find a job.

Typically, this is done by providing students with top class education, preparing them for the interview and helping with interview skills.

During this process, our team will discuss employment strategies with our students. We will help you develop an appropriate job-seeking approach tailor-made to your strengths and weaknesses. This usually includes writing a resume and practicing interview techniques.

At Avel Flight School, we are passionate about training our students to highest standards and achieving their dreams to get a fantastic career in aviation. Our curriculum has been designed for an effective placement in the aviation industry.

The interview selection process in the aviation industry is demanding and challenging, as skill, right attitude and safety is paramount. Airlines are not only looking for technical expertise of the candidate applying, but most importantly, they would like to know if candidate’s personality would match their company’s work ethos and expectations i.e., if the candidate would be “a good fit” for their company!

There are various stages in the interview and selection process in the aviation industry. This include but not limited to:

  • Technical Written Exam
  • Aptitude and Psychometric Test
  • Technical Oral Interview
  • HR personality interview
  • Group Discussion
  • Simulator Check for Pilots
  • Medical Check


At each stage, the candidate is scrutinized and assessed before moving on to the next. As one can imagine, upon selection, a pilot or a flight dispatcher in an airline has the huge responsibility for the lives of each and every passenger apart from many other obligations and duties they are accountable for.

We prepare our students for every stage of this selection process including provision of simulator sessions with instrument procedures that you will undergo during the Simulator Check in the interview selection process.

Even if there is an outstanding student, one has to undergo the above selection process. The selection is based on the individual’s performance in this systematic interview process.

With our top class training and with sincere efforts of you, we have a great placement program.

So the question is… are YOU ready for the challenge in excelling and succeeding in this selection process and achieving an exciting career in aviation?