These Terms and Conditions of Admission should be read carefully and understood before signing and submitting the application.

All students enrolled in programs and courses offered by Chicago Flight School are subject to the rules of the school. Students must assume full responsibility for compliance. Rules governing alcohol, controlled drugs and other serious offenses will be strictly enforced. Applicants are reminded that students must comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law of the land where the course is offered in order to retain valid student status. Violations of such laws will render the student liable for immediate dismissal from the program. In such cases, International Students will be repatriated to their home country where applicable or legal prosecution for violation of the laws are applicable.

The obligation to pay the tuition fees is unconditional. No portion of such fees so paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled notwithstanding the subsequent absence, suspension, expulsion, dismissal or withdrawal of the student for any reason.

Students will be liable to pay all necessary bank and/or transfer charges for application and refund processes. Please note that by making a fees deposit payment to the School, students agree to pay the full amount of their tuition fees to the School in due course. Students with outstanding balances will be immediately placed on hold by the school, and may be barred from attending classes until payment is made in full. The School reserves the right to suspend, expel or prevent students from attending lectures and flights without any advance notice if their fees are in arrears or non-compliance to applicable Terms and Conditions. Students may not transfer to another institution unless their account with Chicago Flight School is paid in full. Where applicable, International students seeking transfer between the date of initial arrival in the United States and the first day of classes may have their I-20 cancelled without any refund.

Payments by credit card after the due date will be subject to a fee of 2% of the total program value unless the student has paid for an optional payment plan. Students with balances due after 30 days are subject to a $500 late payment fee or a penalty amount prescribed by the management based on course enrolled and amount of payment due.

The course price for the programs offered by our school does not include the following expenses:

  • Personal spending money
  • Personal Insurance
  • Meal and housing costs
  • Textbooks and other necessary supplies not included in the course price.
  • Travel Expenses
  • Extra costs for English Improvement Classes which may be required by a student whose English language proficiency is inadequate

Special Features and deals including course price freeze and unlimited ground school offered in course packages are valid only for 6 months from the date of course commencement.

Admission is subject to availability. Early application and payment is advised. Wire payments are recommended.

Students may have a longer than originally anticipated course duration incurring extra costs for any changes or additional training required for which the student will be responsible.

Progression at the end of any course or program is dependent on successfully passing all courses with the minimum pass percentage prescribed for the course. The pass percentage of each course will be briefed in the orientation program.

Any reference in these terms to liability of students shall also infer liability on the parent or financial sponsor, and such liability is joint and several.

Students are responsible for payment for any damage caused by them to Chicago Flight School and associate organization’s property, including fixtures and fittings in approved accommodation. Occupants of shared accommodation are jointly and severally liable for the proper care of rooms, fixtures and fittings. Chicago Flight School reserves the right to recover costs for damage or exceptional cleaning.

Once the student has commenced the course or program, if:

  • The school’s ability to deliver programs or other services in accordance with the descriptions provided is compromised by circumstances beyond the control of the school (e.g. third party industrial action or an act of god), the school will use all reasonable endeavors to minimize disruption as far as it is practical to do so;
  • The Program is cancelled or substantially varied from that described in the prospectus for reasons other than circumstances beyond the institution’s reasonable control, the school will use reasonable endeavors to provide a suitable replacement program, but cannot guarantee to do so. If the student does not wish to accept the replacement program, the student shall be entitled to withdraw from the program. In the event of such withdrawal the school shall make an appropriate refund of tuition fees. Depending on the point at which the withdrawal takes place, the school reserves the right to retain fees or charges to cover the tuition or services which the student has actually received.
  • The School reserves the right to change or amend any or all of these refund procedures without any prior notice.
  • When an student submits any material via application, email, letter and other media, including any text, photographs and all content, the student, unless Chicago Flight School advises otherwise, licenses and grants Chicago Flight School, its affiliates, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and display such Content for any purpose in any media, without compensation, restriction on use, attribution or liability. Student agrees not to assert any moral rights in relation to such use and warrant that they have the full authority to grant these rights.

Students (and their parents or guardians, where applicable) agree that  images, sound, details and achievements of Chicago Flight School may be used in any media for promotional purposes without written consent or notification, as long as the images are used to publicize Chicago Flight School

No variation to these conditions is valid unless agreed in writing by the management of the school. Chicago Flight School reserves the right to make any addition, amendment or alteration to these conditions upon giving written notice of such change to all affected students.

Please supply Chicago Flight School with personal e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers prior to course commencement, in order that communication, to include transmission of student reports, may be maintained at all times. Please also advise of any changes as they occur.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide valid and up-to-date contact information for themselves and, when appropriate, their agent. This contact information should include a working e-mail address. The School will assume that any method of communication for which the student has provided contact information, including e-mail, is secure. The School will not be liable for any damages, financial or otherwise, resulting from the release of the student’s personal information to a third party as a result of communication with an invalid or insecure contact point or the interception of communication with said contact point, be it a postal or e-mail address, a telephone or fax number or an SMS.

Each student must arrive at their scheduled lesson prompt, prepared, and in a business-like manner. Students must remain respectful of other students, instructors, and administrators and must conduct oneself in an orderly and considerate manner.

Students will at all times comply with the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and airport and school rules. Instruction will be given and documentation provided in these rules and regulations, and periodically and appropriately from time to time thereafter.

Failure to comply with this policy in a habitual manner shall be grounds for dismissal from the school.

By signing the application:

You understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Chicago Flight School. This gives us the permission for the administration of first aid.

You waive and release all claims against Chicago Flight School, its associate organization and its agents for:

  • Any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or expense resulting from the applicant’s participation in the program.

  • To indemnify them with regard to any financial obligations or liabilities that the applicant may personally incur or any damage or injury to the person or property of others that the applicant may cause while participating in this program.

  • An appeal cannot be made against the decisions of the management. No legal action can be taken in disputes in which claims are raised against Chicago Flight School decisions as to annul an admission or dismissal.

You, for and in consideration of the use, rental or charter of Chicago Flight School Aircraft(s), the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged and you agree for yourself and your heirs, distributes, guardians, legal representatives, and assigns that you will not make a claim against Chicago Flight School, its officers, directors, managing agents, aircraft owners and employees, or any other person who may acquire an interest in Chicago Flight School and you hereby completely release, acquit, satisfy, and forever discharge Chicago Flight School, its officers, directors, managing agents, aircraft owners and employees, or any other person who may acquire an interest in Chicago Flight School for any and all claims, actions, causes of action, damages, judgments or execution or any claims whatsoever in law or equity that you may have now have or may have in the future against  Chicago Flight School arising out of the rental of aircraft, charter of aircraft and /or receipt of flight training. You further acknowledge and agree, that you shall forever release Chicago Flight School, its officers, directors, managing agents, aircraft owners and employees, its heirs, executors, assigns, or any other person who obtains an interest in Chicago Flight School for any and all causes of action, claims, of any sort that arises from the rental of aircraft or flight training provided by Chicago Flight School.

You further acknowledge and agree by your signature and also, for your heirs, distributes, guardians, legal representatives, and assigns, that you will fully indemnify, save, and hold harmless, Chicago Flight School its officers, directors, managing agents and employees, and their heirs, executors, assigns or any other person who might acquire an interest in Chicago Flight School for any and all claims, actions, judgments, damages, that have or may arise out of the use or rental of any aircraft, or obtaining of any flight training from Chicago Flight School by any other individual, party, corporation, limited liability company or other entity. You agree that this release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Illinois and that if any portion of said agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding such finding as to any particular portion, continue in full force and legal effect. You further acknowledge, by your signature on the application, that you fully understand, that there are associated hazards in flying, the rental of aircraft and flight training, including serious injuries and death from the use of aircraft. You acknowledge by your signature on the application, that you understand and accept such risks.

The candidates who have been declared guilty of the following will be summarily dismissed and expelled:

Obtaining support for his candidature by any means; or Impersonating; or Procuring impersonation by the person; or Submitting fabricated documents or documents which have been tampered; or Making statement which are incorrect or false suppressing material information; or Resorting to any other irregular or improper means in connection with his/her candidature for admission. Use of obscene language or misbehaving in any other manner with member of our staff or students or harassing or doing bodily harm to anyone.

The School reserves the right to charge additional tuition fee at its discretion if the student is unable to complete the course within the prescribed course duration due to lack of attendance. The School reserves the right to charge additional tuition fee at its discretion if the student requires extension of course duration as a result of negligence or failure to pass the necessary examination within the prescribed time.

A record of attendance is kept for each student. The School reserves the right to bar a student from examinations and withdraw them from their course if the student’s attendance record shows that they have attended fewer than 80% of their scheduled lectures. The School reserves the right to suspend or expel such students, without any liability whatsoever to the School. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent the student from attending their lectures, the School must be informed immediately to seek advice on how best to handle their situation.

The School reserves the right to cancel any advertised courses due to insufficient admissions or enrollments. The school authorities, may due to very low attendance making it unviable for the School to continue, cancel classes. The School reserves the right to amend, where necessary, fees and dates of courses. The School prospectus is subject to alteration without prior notice. In case of course cancellation, the student can only make refund request if the School has failed to offer an alternative course.

The School reserves the right to expel or transfer students who fail to complete and submit compulsory coursework, assignments and/or dissertations to the appropriate instructors / lecturers or who fail to satisfactorily progress their understanding of the subject matter taught on their chosen course, without any liability to the School.

Students who make exceptional progress in their studies and who are subsequently able to cover their course syllabus and pass associated examinations prior to the scheduled end date of their course will not be able to maintain their student status beyond the date of completion of their examinations without re-enrolling on a new course of study representing a clear academic progression from their previous academic endeavors.

Students wishing to continue studying at Chicago Flight School after their previous studies have ended in either of the above circumstances must re-enroll on a new course of study. New enrollments in either of these cases will incur the School’s standard course fees.

The School will assist students in acquiring recommended textbooks and relevant materials at reasonable cost. Some reference material is available in the School Library for consultation. Students must arrange to acquire and read the required textbooks and course study materials prior to the relevant lecture. Students should also arrange to purchase such stationary as may be needed for their studies.

Only those students who complete their attendance requirements, do not have any pending financial dues, are not barred from examinations by the Accounts Department due to disciplinary or other misdemeanors and have no failings or discrepancies in their academic record are allowed to take periodic examinations for their course, provided their Instructor / Lecturer has recommended that they take such exams.

Where applicable, the student must seek and obtain a certificate of eligibility or similar from the appropriate professional institution/examining body before applying for a course.

Student must understand that gaining admission into the School does not necessarily guarantee their registration.

When requested, the School will inform, counsel and assist students in negotiating different external examination entry procedures. However, it is the responsibility of the students to keep themselves informed and prepared for such examinations as recommended by the School and to register with these authorities in time. Students will be expected to pay all student examination and membership fees. The School does not charge any fee for helping students in this regard.

The School imposes a strict code of conduct on its students. Chicago Flight School expects its students to behave as responsible and mature individuals and to act within the moral and legal norms of society, whether they are on School premises or otherwise.

The use of recreational drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are prohibited on School premises. Use of Mobile / Cell Phones in the class room is prohibited. Phones will be confiscated and will not be returned if found to be used inside the classroom. Students are required to attend all lectures, classes and tests and to submit written work as required by lecturers / Instructors.

A minimum of 80% overall attendance is required for course completion without which you will not be allowed to attend the final examination. All examination in the aviation industry has a pass percentage of 70%. The same standards are applicable to this course. For re-examination additional payment will be chargeable. Scientific calculator, electronic flight computer, Navigational charts, Airport Facility Directory & uniform are not included in course fee. Uniform is mandatory. Uniform code: White shirt (half sleeves), Navy blue Trousers, black shoes and Black socks. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without uniform and Identification Card (ID).  School will not be responsible for the outcome of visa interview, success and failure of obtaining the visa solely depends on individual performance at the visa interview and at the discretion of the adjudicating officer. You are allowed to take a maximum of two breaks during your entire course. These breaks should not exceed a period of 20days per break. If you needed to take a longer break, you will be charged for the additional dual flying required for recency training. For students enrolled on a guarantee course, guarantees are based on the students having a 100 % attendance and completing assignments given to them by their instructors. Some of the factors that will forfeit the guarantee are Absenteeism, Non compliance of school rules, Not completing assignments given by instructors. Students exceeding the prescribed course duration of 12 months will be charged additional tuition fees as required.

Insurance is mandatory and you will need to buy your own personal health and accident cover while you are in training, since medical treatment is not free. In the unlikely event of an accident it is the student’s responsibility to pay the insurance deductable for damages caused. A deductable is a portion of a loss that one must pay before the insurance company provides the balance. For example an aircraft if fully damaged may cost up to $200,000. You do not have to pay this entire amount as this is covered by the insurance. You will be required to however pay the deductable for damage during flight training which can be up to a maximum of $5000.

The School reserves the right to amend advertised course content, tuition fees and start dates for its courses at its discretion and without any prior notice. The School reserves the right to amend or alter the Terms and Conditions at its discretion and without any prior notice.

Students are reminded to visit the School website regularly for the details of up-to-date Terms and Conditions.