FAA Part 141 Approval

Avel Flight School is a Federal Aviation Administration Part 141 approved flight school and our Air Agency Certificate Number is 2E3S138L.

Our flight is listed on the FAA website in the list of approved flight schools:

About FAA Part 141 Approval

The Federal Aviation Administration approves certain flight schools for the Part 141 flight training. The Part 141 approval ensures the highest standard of student training possible by a flight school in a structured and organized way. To obtain a Part 141 approval, the flight school must meet the stringent requirement of the Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 141.

As a Part 141 approved flight school, Avel Flight School is subject to regular surveillance audits by the FAA. We are required to maintain aircraft used for flight training in compliance with the highest maintenance standards of the FAA. As part of the 141 approval, our flight training syllabus is approved by the FAA as well.

To ensure the quality of training and retain the FAA approval, our flight school is required to maintain atleast an 80% first time pass rate for all graduates on the FAA flight tests. Some of the advantages of Part 141 flight school are:

  • Our instructors have to be standardized ensuring high quality instruction.
  • Students undergo regular state checks during their training ensuring continued monitoring of their training and progress.
  • On the Part 141 approved course, students are able to finish their pilot license training in a decreased number of hours as the minimum flight time requirement is lower for Part 141 approved flight schools.
  • Part 141 approved flight schools have the privilege of getting a VA approval

Part 141 explained on FAA website: Click to see