FAA Written Exam CATS Testing Centre


Avel Flight School’s FAA Written Exam testing center is open to the public. The FAA Airman Knowledge Test commonly referred to as FAA Written Exam is offered at our CATS FAA Test center. The testing facilities are available to all pilots.All applicants are welcome. You do not have to be a student of Avel Flight School to schedule a test.
Our testing facility is professionally managed. Each testing station is designed to eliminate computer glare, distraction and to ensure comfort and privacy. We offer a very comfortable, quiet and clean environment for written testing.

Avel Flight School’s CATS Testing Site offers competitive pricing. $10 OFF for AOPA Members (AOPA Card or ID# required)

Exams offered at our testing facility:
FAA Exams

  • Recreational and Private Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Military Competence
  • Flight Engineer
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Flight Navigator
  • Fundamentals of Instructing
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Airframe, General, & Powerplant
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Inspection Authorization


Schedule an appointment for your test

Please contact CATS testing to schedule your test at 800-9474228. All tests must be scheduled with CATS to confirm an FAA Test Proctor is available. Walk-ins are welcome during regular testing hours, however are subject to computer and proctor availability. Exams are scheduled based on Proctor availability, which are usually available weekdays between the hours of 8 am to 5pm (excluding holidays). Alternative testing arrangements can be made by special request only and are subject to Proctor availability.

Please arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to scheduled test time to allow for the office to complete your paperwork.

What to bring to the testing center?


US Citizens: Require one valid government issued photo ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport.

Non-US Citizens: Require a passport and a secondary government issued ID.

Proof of Address:

If your permanent address does not match the address on your ID, you are required to bring in a bill or similar piece of mail, that shows your name and your permanent address supplied to CATS testing.

Instructor Sign-Off:

Please make sure your logbook endorsement / Instructor sign-off is accurate and in compliance with FAA requirement. If your logbook endorsement / Instructor sign off  is not worded correctly, you will not be allowed to test that day. This is a zero-tolerance FAA/CATS requirement.

Other items:

Allowed to bring:
Flight computer E6B
Calculator with NO memory.
Batteries will be removed before and after the test.
Not Allowed to bring:
Personal possessions including any type of portable phone
electronic planner (i.e., ‘PDA’, ‘Palm Pilot’)
wrist watches with note capabilities
Device capable of storing data / information
Instruction Manuals

Please secure your personal possessions prior to entering the testing facility (such as locking items in vehicle).

During your test:
Applicant may not leave the testing area without proctor supervision, or the test will be terminated.

The applicant may ask questions regarding the proper use of equipment. The applicant will be under surveillance at all times during test administration, including any break.

Retesting after failure
The applicant must surrender previous test report to the proctor prior to retesting after failure.

Applicants wishing to retake test to improve their passing grade may do so after 30 days. The latest test taken will reflect the official score.

CATS-Testing Center